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Digital Badges at the 2015 ICE Exchange—How to Make the Most of Your New Digital Credentials

Posted by Kenneth J. Doucet, MBA, Director, Enterprise Growth on Oct 16, 2015 11:09:52 AM
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Are you ready for this year's ICE Exchange? We're excited to make the cross-country trek soon to Portland, Oregon to connect with credentialing professionals and we are hoping to find you among them! 

ProExam Vault is the official digital badging platform of the conference, and to help prepare you to #getcred by earning your digital credentials from ICE, here is everything you need to know to make the most of digital badges.

How to Claim

After the conference, when you're still thinking about the phrases that stuck with you from your favorite sessions, claiming your digital badge will be as easy as checking your email. ProExam Vault will issue an email announcing the digital badge you've been awarded from the Institute of Credentialing Excellence. 

Create your profile on ProExam Vault for free, which you can personalize with a photo as well as biographical, professional and contact information. You even have the option to keep your page private.



Get the Word Out

Vault uses industry-leading features and functionality for the sharing and display of your digital badge, including:

  • Sharing via social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter
  • Sharing via email
  • Embedding within a LinkedIn profile
  • Embedding within a personal website or blog

All of the sharing options are easily accessed from within the ProExam Vault dashboard.


Things to Consider

The ability to share is great, but keep in mind what will be the most effective means of communicating the value of your participation. Don't just shout into an internet void (there's plenty of that happening already)—instead, take into account how you will leverage your participation at ICE Exchange within your network.

A few ways to take sharing to the next level:

  • Include a personalized message while sharing
  • Know your audience—share where your professional network is active, such as LinkedIn
  • If you have other digital badges visible elsewhere online, such as on your personal website or blog, be sure to add your new badge using the embed feature
  • Remember that you can always share your accomplishment via email   

Next Steps

ProExam Vault provides consumers of the 2015 ICE Exchange badges with an easy, secure, and authoritative means of verifying your digital badge, as well as the level and value (in CAE credits) of that participation. That means that your accomplishment will be taken seriously and retain its value—without having to keep track of a printed certificate or receipt. 

Excited yet? The countdown to the conference has begun—visit us at booth 11 in the Innovation Hall to learn how we can help you move your credentialing program to the next level and to see firsthand how you can #getcred

In the meantime, you don't have to wait until Portland to get a demo. Set up an online demonstration for you and your organization today.

See Vault in Action with a Demo  



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