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Social-Emotional Learning at the ASU GSV Summit

Posted by ProExam on May 11, 2017 11:37:55 AM

Robert Block CEO ProExam Tessera presents on SEL at ASU GSV Summit
Photo by Lev Kaye

Bob Block, President and CEO of ProExam, now a part of the ACT family, presented at the ASU GSV Summit this week. He talked about how the social-emotional learning (SEL) market is exploding and how their “next generation assessment for noncognitive strengths” meets current education needs with Tessera™—the only multimodel assessment that measures SEL strengths and weaknesses in K–12 students.

A report by Civic Enterprises and Peter D. Hart Research Associates found that 87% of educators believe greater emphasis on SEL in classrooms would have major benefits preparing students for the workforce and to become better citizens. The World Economic Forum's survey found that 77% of teachers in the U.S. would like to receive additional SEL-related training. The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) recently surveyed a nationally representative sample of teachers and similarly found that 83% wanted training related to SEL.

To fill this need and to provide a comprehensive system that delivers a road map for continuous improvement, ProExam has also developed the Tessera™ Teacher Playbook so that after students receive their individual reports teachers can integrate learning interventions for middle and high school students. Bob Block was invited to speak at the 8th Annual ASU GSV Summit which brings together investors, educators and innovators to support education and human capital innovation and catalyze the entrepreneurial ecosystem. He was joined by Greg Maughan (Principal) and Leigh VandenAkker (teacher) of East High School in Salt Lake City, who are part of the Tessera Trailblazers program.

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